Summer Cocktails : Wine Spritzers

Summer cocktails: Wine Spritzers

For awhile, I had forgotten about this cocktail until a friend recently made me one when they had us over for dinner. I do love my wine, so when she first added a splash of fizz to my glass I was a little weary. As soon as I had my first drink, I knew I would be making these the rest of the summer. It was so refreshing and easy to drink – perfect for the summer months.

I am all about simple, and if it can be simple AND pretty I am in love. Wine spritzers are literallyย the easiest, elegant summer cocktail to throw together. This drink is a blank canvas. There are many different ways to make a wine spritzer, so chances are you already have the ingredients in your kitchen to concoct one. For this version, I grabbed lime, the wine we had in the refrigerator and tonic water – for the fizz. Summer is the perfect season for beautiful garnishes. I grabbed a few flowers from our garden to add to the glasses for the pretty factor.

Summer is all about early drink consumption, which is the next best thing about this cocktail. Wine spritzers aren’t as strong as most summer cocktails, so you can sip on them for an afternoon without the worry of negative side effects. If there is such a thing ๐Ÿ™‚ If you aren’t worried about the side effects, you can add a bit of gin added booziness.

Overall, keep this drink on your list of summer cocktails. It is perfect for entertaining, especially if you don’t have time to spend with a shaker.

Summer Cocktails: Wine Spritzers

Wine spritzer ingredients:

  • White wine of your choice
  • A few limes – depending on how citrusy you like your drinks
  • A splash of tonic water
  • Pretty garnishes. I used edible flowers for these glasses.

Summer Cocktails: Wine Spritzers

Summer cocktail: Wine Spritzer



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