DIY Bohemian Floral European Mount

Floral Skull Mount

I am currently going through a phase where I constantly need flowers in my life. I have started to play around with floral arranging and my focus for our outdoor space has shifted towards a cutting garden. When we were planning our wedding, I wanted the flowers to match the setting so the bouquets were wild and organic. They were the perfect accent against the little outdoor white chapel we stood in front during the ceremony. Since then, I feel like the floral design world has created arrangements that are even more wild and whimsical – they literally define magic, and I am in love. If you share this obsession, you should take a peek at my floral board.

I do like a little bohemian flare every now and then and I found that this DIY decor is the perfect way to pair these styles together.

Floral skull mount

Floral skull mount

Floral skull mount

DIY Steps | Bohemian Floral European Mount

Gather Inspiration

Before I start a project like this I always refer to inspiration I have saved from Pinterest, Books or Magazines. Some of the best sources of inspiration are from actual artists like Meghan Lacroix. Her floral European mounts are gorgeous. Using the range of inspiration, you can decide on color pallet, textures and mood. Once I have a vision, it helps to create a simple sketch to reference once I get started. It also makes decisions easier if you have to purchase supplies.

Collect Supplies

I am always drawn to fresh flowers for floral projects, however for this project I chose to go with faux flowers so that to piece would last. I was drawn to the color palette that these leafy textures and succulents created. The greens arranged with the white and browns of the mount go well together and I love the simplicity.

Floral skull mount

Floral skull mount

Hang Mount

I hung the mount first so that I could prop some stems between the mount and the wall. Also, I find it helpful to be able to add a few stems, step back, and check your work. Is everything balanced? Where could you add more color, texture, etc? Most importantly, it would be difficult to hang once it was covered in stems!

Add Stems

I started with the leafiest and most full stems as my base. This covered a good majority of the skull, creating a canvas for the rest of the stems. I wanted a whimsical, organic look so I made sure that there were leaves flowing out onto the horns and down around the face of the elk. I then started adding the more textural elements. The string of pearls I have dripping outward around the horns to create that bohemian feel. The other succulents I added around some of the more bare areas to fill the arrangement and balance the design.


  • Rope and screw to hang the mount
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Floral wire to hold stems in place
  • Floral stems or greens
  • A stool (if your short like me)
  • Mini helper like my Liddy

Floral skull mount

Floral skull mount

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