Hey there – thanks for stopping by Living with Liddy.

My name is Kacey Perez and I am a self taught graphic designer, painter and drawer with a passion for creating, which led me to a degree in advertising and public relations. Outside of my marketing day-job, I first love being a mother to a year-old daughter who is gorgeous from the inside and out, but I also dabble in sewing, planning parties, cooking, entertaining, and DIY projects to make things my own.

I created Living with Liddy as an avenue to share my ideas with other crafters, creators, artists, decorators, mothers, travelers and lovers of all things pretty. My main goal: to inspire others, because so many others have inspired me. Let’s exchange thoughts and ideas…I can’t wait to get to know you!

A little more about me

Who is Liddy?

Liddy is the nickname we use to refer to my daughter, Lydia. In the motherhood section of Living with Liddy, you can find stories surrounding our greatest adventure: Parenthood.

Where I live:

My little family lives in Gillette, Wyoming. My husband and I were both born here, but my family moved around a lot while I was growing up. I was fortunate enough to make it back here, where I met Eric. It is a small town, but I am thankful for the community I get to raise my daughter in.

Favorite food:

This is a tough one…I just love food period. I will say that some of my favorite flavors are from Asian and Mexican decent. The other thing I am currently trying out is clean eating. Check back for some posts about this, and some recipes!

What scares me:

Motherhood/parenthood. I want to raise a decent, good, caring human. What scares me are the obstacles that may get in the way. That is why I am so fortunate to have the husband that I do. Wouldn’t want to be on this journey with anyone else.

What excites me:

Travel. Trying new things. Teaching my daughter new things. Tasting new things! I love all new things and can’t wait to share these things with you on this blog.

Current interests:

DIY projects. Whether we can improve something we have, or put our mark on something new I am totally in love with the DIY process. I am also really into to floral arrangements right now. I have always been completely obsessed with fresh flowers and putting them together to create something beautiful is something I really enjoy.

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