2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

A Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

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This gift guide was fun for me to put together. There are so many beautiful items out there that you can pick up to make the mother in your life feel special. It was also fun because I reached out to some of my closest mom friends to see what they had their eye on. Here is what we came up with!

  1. FARM GIRL FLOWERS BOUQUET. If you are in the San Francisco area, the beautiful bouquet of you choice can be hand-delivered to a lucky mother’s door step. If not, don’t worry! Farm Girl Flowers ships these beauties nationwide.
  2. A MOTHER’S GARDEN KIT. There is something special about a plantable gift for special occasions. This adorable pouch will grow three of my favorites: larkspur, cosmos, and snapdragon and seed bombs are easy for those busy moms.
  3. CAPRI BLUE IRIDESCENT JAR CANDLE. When it comes to candles, this is my absolute favorite scent. The jar is so pretty and neutral. Safe to match any mama’s decor.
  4. CARVED TEAK SERVING BOARD. The detail on this serving board is gorgeous. I love a little character with my serving trays, bowls or utensils to bring my table setting altogether.
  5. ESSIE NAIL POLISH. Every mom can use nail polish. When I do have time to paint my nails, I need to make it count which is why Essie is one of my go-to brands because it doesn’t chip easy. And that is important to this mother. They have some great colors out for Spring!
  6. CARVED WOOD PICTURE FRAME. Now that I have a daughter, I have the desire to frame more pictures! For the main area of our house, I like to have a little more character to my frames to give my decor a little something extra. Love the look of this one.
  7. PARISIAN ENAMEL LOCKET. This is such a classic idea that I know Lydia’s grandma’s would love. I love the colors the lockets come in and you can also choose from two different sizes.
  8. NAKED CAKES COOKBOOK. So I love flowers, and I love cakes, but I especially love the combination of the two! This cookbook is filled with gorgeous recipes and photography. I am geeking out over the typography as well. This is a must for my collection.
  9. LOREN HOPE SARRA MINI CUFF. I discovered Loren Hope a couple of years ago and purchased the Marley Cuff and I wear it ALL THE TIME. When she released this mini cuff with a thin band I fell in love. You should definitely check out all of her jewelry that she makes in Rhode Island, right here in the US of A.
  10. SUCCULENT SET. What lady doesn’t love succulents? Help her get her spring on with this set from Williams Sonoma.
  11. FAWN DESIGN BAG. If you haven’t heard of Fawn Design’s bags, you are most likely male. This is the “it” diaper bag right now and if you weren’t already in love, you can get a matching one for your little as well.
  12. BOBBI BROWN FACIAL MASKS. I have tried all three of these masks, and for my skin type/skin problems I have added the Instant Detox and Radiance Boost to my routine. These masks are high quality and the way they smell is amazing.
  13. IT TAKES A VILLAGE CARD. Amanda Krovic is a talented hand letterer and a mother herself. Check out these Mother’s Day cards and some of the other pretty little things on her site.
  14. PORCELAIN ANEMONE VASE. Vases are similar to picture frames, I just don’t think a lady can ever have enough of them. I included this one on the gift guide because of the sweet floral character. If anemones aren’t your favorite you can choose from the cosmo or peony instead!
  15. SLIP PILLOW CASE. If you are looking for something luxurious for the mothers on your list take a look at these pillow cases. So dreamy.
  16. BUCKET LIST JOURNAL. If you don’t know this about me, I am a sucker for beautiful typography and lettering. So when I saw this sleek journal with prompts and beautiful imagery I needed to gift it for my adventurous mama friends.
  17. LEATHER HANDLE MARKET BACKPACK. Because its Spring, I am constantly thinking about planning my garden, taking my daughter to the farmers market and planting annual flowers to cut and place around the house. So naturally when I saw this backpack it needed to be on my list!



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